Vitamindrip® "MINNESOTA" 

A clinic like no other, Vitamindrip® MN, a Wellness Clinic located in the heart of Wayzata, MN.  Minnesota's first Vitamindrip® provider, a one-stop location providing intravenous therapies to nourish body, mind and soul.

Hydrate, energize and release those unwanted toxins.

Owners, Dr. Chris Frykman D.C., R.N., and Dr. Shamanie Haneca D.C, with years of functional medicine experience, have seen the dramatic effect of treating patients for nutritional deficiencies. “With oral supplementation, we often see a compliance issue though. The bottles of supplements that stay in the cupboard don’t actually raise your nutrient levels.” Dr. Chris Frykman says. “IV’s pretty much guarantee that those levels go up. We know exactly the amount of nutrients that go into the system and the patient feels the difference.”

Being an elite athlete at 40 years of age, number one tri-athalon winner, and a Spartan racer, Chris sees firsthand the benefit of IV’s to improve recovery time and increase performance.


Christopher Frykman, DC, RN, is a Registered Nurse and a Functional Medicine trained Chiropractor.  Over 14 years of experience has taught him to see the value in changing the nutritional status of a patient.   He has learned that when you give the body what it needs, the body can heal and function vibrantly.  His vast knowledge and passion for Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Holistic Nursing, brought him to the decision to start Vitamindrip® MN to offer powerful, nutrient rich IV therapy in Mn.